First WordPress Meetup of Ajmer

It was the first meetup programme successfully held on 7th of January 2018 at WebTechStreet. So, we were the 10 attendees with a different background, field, and workplace who gather to do, to learn and share the things we love enthusiastically.

This introductory meetup session was hosted by Anand to accommodate a community in Ajmer so that people gather, share, and get to know about WordPress. The session was started at 3 pm by introducing ourselves and our perspectives about WP! Also, apart from the local community of Ajmer, people from nearby cities also came to attend our meetup session. It was a well organized and well-mentioned session for all of us! This tech conference covered everything about our favorite platform WordPress which has CMS Market share of about 60%. The environment of the meetup was so calm and enjoyable session of 3 and a half hour where we sit and talk freely about our different perspectives for WP.

What we’ve discussed?

Started with the introduction to WordPress, Speaker delivers the conclusive of WP along with the Statics, Formats, Plugins, and Presentation. This is an open source software which has amazing features to create Web sites, Blog or even an App. HOW COOL IS THAT!

But why MEETUP?

OKAY! Now we are introduced to WordPress and it’s user-friendly access so why we are planning to meet and organize meetup programmes? Here is the answer:

  • 558 WP meetup groups in 86 Countries.
  • 2,23,530 members.
  • 30+ groups in INDIA.
  • 3 in Rajasthan

These are the Statics of meetup groups in all over the world for the Purpose of Sharing and Enhancing Knowledge, Networking, Build a Strong Local Community and Give back to the Community.

Expenses of WordPress Management

WP allows to make you the most Efficient, Focused, and Successful website owner you can be. There are some myths also that should be cleared as soon as possible! :

  • WordPress is just a blogging platform.
  • WordPress isn’t Scalable.
  • WordPress is not Secure.
  • Managing WordPress is Difficult.
  • WordPress Plugins are unreliable.

What if language becomes the confinement?

Here comes the important feature of WP we discussed so far- LANGUAGE! because “The limits of your language mean the limits of your world”. But with WP no worries, you can create or access in your own native language. It is available in MORE than 64 languages along with many Indian languages.

What Next?

We decided our next topic for the meetup to be held on 4th February where we will discuss developing e-commerce website with WordPress (using WooCommerce). This will be a long session where we will try to cover everything from setting up WooCommerce store to finally managing orders.
Also, 30% of e-stores around the world are powered by WooCommerce!

Highlights of our First Meetup Programme!

After the meetup programme, we received swags and badges which WP had sent to us, cut the cake and had refreshment. 🙂

This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress join us!