October Meetup – Exploring WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are just amazing. They make our work simple and easy to handle. They add a specific feature to an existing computer program. So, here we are again with the discussion on the best Plugins of WordPress. On October 7th, 2018 a WordPress Meetup was organized at WebTechStreet Hosted by Anand and Hardik entitled  Exploring WordPress Plugins. The main purpose of the Meetup was to give knowledge about basic free and paid Plugins of WordPress. We were 13 attendees in number. The Workshop session started at 1:30 pm. and the main agenda begins with an Overview by Anand about What are Plugins in WordPress?. So, Plugins are a small piece of software which gives additional functionality to WordPress. Apart from the session, the Workshop was well organized and it touched all the basic used Plugins in WP!

The objectives of the Workshop include:

  • Basic requirements of a website
  • Using plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress
  • Choosing the best plugin
  • Contact Form Plugins
  • Page Builders Plugins
  • SEO & Analytics Plugins
  • What is a cache?
  • A basic requirement of an eCommerce Store
  • Site Migrations & Backup
  • Security Plugins

Workshop Discussion

The session summaries the discussion of what are Plugins and how using Plugins can extend the functionality of WordPress. How we can choose the best Plugin and what are the basic requirement of an eCommerce store.

Practical Session

All the students were working on their laptops as guided by the Workshop members. Students showed their keen interest in the session and lastly, all were able to work on the basic plugins.

Main Purpose of Workshop

The Purpose of the Workshop was to give knowledge about Plugins, How to choose the good Plugin there uses and also recommended the popular and good Plugins.

 Choosing a good plugin:

  • Free & Paid Plugins
  • Plugin Reviews
  • Support Services
  • Online documentation
  • Your required features
  • Plugin author/company reputation

Highlights Of The Day! 😀