August Meetup – WordPress Workshop For Beginners

On August 19th, 2018 a WordPress Meetup was organized at WebTechStreet. Hosted by Anand & Hemant entitled WordPress Workshop for Beginners. The main purpose of the workshop was to bring together a variety of people to learn about and to identify the career opportunity in WordPress. So, There were 26 attendees in number among theme were students, developers, and various IT companies members who joined the workshop. We noticed that the Ajmer community members are increasing in number and started taking interest in WordPress.

 The objectives of the Workshop include:

  • Learn Basics of WordPress

  • Learn about WordPress Installation

  • Understanding the WordPress Admin interface

  • The concept of Post/Pages/Categories etc.

  • The concept of themes and plugins

  • And to build a basic site on your own.

    The Workshop session started at 1:30 pm. and the main agenda begins with an Overview by Anand about WordPress and CMS giving the brief description about WP and its Popularity. Apart from the session, the Workshop was well organized and it touched all the topics of WP! which was necessary for the Beginners.

Workshop Discussion

The session summaries the discussion of WP Beginners with an introduction about WP that it is an open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog or app. the host discussed the statics, CMS Market share, Concept of Themes/Plugins and many more.

Practical Session

All the students were working on their laptops as guided by the workshop members. The student shows the keen interest in Theme/Plugin installation, designing Post/Page. And, at last, all were able to install the WordPress, Theme, Plugin and built there basic site.

Purpose Behind Ajmer Meetups!

Now! the question comes that what’s the purpose behind organizing a meetup in Ajmer? so here’s the answer –

  • To give back to the community

  • Networking

  • Sharing and enhancing knowledge

  • Build a strong local community

Next Steps And Action Planning

At the sessions last we discussed when the next meetup should be and what else the topic for the next meetup.

some feedback for the topics were:

  • how to design a contact form.

  • how to put WordPress website Live!

 It was also decided to make a Facebook group for Ajmer WP Community where they can interact and share the knowledge about WP.

Highlights Of The Day!

Some pictures from the Workshop session

The Ajmer WP Community group on FaceBook is open to all who all are interested can join us!