February 2019 Meetup – WordPress For WooCommerce

On February 24th, 2019 a WordPress Meetup was arranged on WebTechStreet. Hosted by Anand titled WooCommerce (eCommerce for WordPress)  The purpose of the workshop was to give them knowledge about WooCommerce and how they can set an online eCommerce Store using WordPress. So, we were 18 attendees in number. And the session started at 2 pm. The main agenda begins with an overview by Anand about WooCommerce and giving its brief discussion on the uses and its popularity. Besides this, the workshop was well organized. And touches all the important steps to set an online store.

The objective of the Workshop include:

  • Installing and Configuring the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Creating and managing products in WooCommerce.
  • Setting up payment gateways in WooCommerce.
  • Configuring shipping and tax rules.
  • Managing orders and customers.
  • Basic modification of the frontend interface of WooCommerce.
  • Also learn about other possibilities of WooCommerce like selling membership, services, event tickets, booking systems etc.

Workshop Discussion

The session was summarised with the discussion of the extendable functionality of the Woo Commerce. And how WooCommerce is the easiest way of setting an E-Store just by following some simple steps.

Practical Session

All the students were working on their laptops under the guidance of the workshop members. Students showed their keen interest in the workshop and lastly, all were able to set up their own eCommerce Store. And we’re able to understand the managing process of the products orders.

Picture Gallery From The Session 😀

October Meetup – Exploring WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are just amazing. They make our work simple and easy to handle. They add a specific feature to an existing computer program. So, here we are again with the discussion on the best Plugins of WordPress. On October 7th, 2018 a WordPress Meetup was organized at WebTechStreet Hosted by Anand and Hardik entitled  Exploring WordPress Plugins. The main purpose of the Meetup was to give knowledge about basic free and paid Plugins of WordPress. We were 13 attendees in number. The Workshop session started at 1:30 pm. and the main agenda begins with an Overview by Anand about What are Plugins in WordPress?. So, Plugins are a small piece of software which gives additional functionality to WordPress. Apart from the session, the Workshop was well organized and it touched all the basic used Plugins in WP!

The objectives of the Workshop include:

  • Basic requirements of a website
  • Using plugins to extend the functionality of WordPress
  • Choosing the best plugin
  • Contact Form Plugins
  • Page Builders Plugins
  • SEO & Analytics Plugins
  • What is a cache?
  • A basic requirement of an eCommerce Store
  • Site Migrations & Backup
  • Security Plugins

Workshop Discussion

The session summaries the discussion of what are Plugins and how using Plugins can extend the functionality of WordPress. How we can choose the best Plugin and what are the basic requirement of an eCommerce store.

Practical Session

All the students were working on their laptops as guided by the Workshop members. Students showed their keen interest in the session and lastly, all were able to work on the basic plugins.

Main Purpose of Workshop

The Purpose of the Workshop was to give knowledge about Plugins, How to choose the good Plugin there uses and also recommended the popular and good Plugins.

 Choosing a good plugin:

  • Free & Paid Plugins
  • Plugin Reviews
  • Support Services
  • Online documentation
  • Your required features
  • Plugin author/company reputation

Highlights Of The Day! 😀 

August Meetup – WordPress Workshop For Beginners

On August 19th, 2018 a WordPress Meetup was organized at WebTechStreet. Hosted by Anand & Hemant entitled WordPress Workshop for Beginners. The main purpose of the workshop was to bring together a variety of people to learn about and to identify the career opportunity in WordPress. So, There were 26 attendees in number among theme were students, developers, and various IT companies members who joined the workshop. We noticed that the Ajmer community members are increasing in number and started taking interest in WordPress.

 The objectives of the Workshop include:

  • Learn Basics of WordPress

  • Learn about WordPress Installation

  • Understanding the WordPress Admin interface

  • The concept of Post/Pages/Categories etc.

  • The concept of themes and plugins

  • And to build a basic site on your own.

    The Workshop session started at 1:30 pm. and the main agenda begins with an Overview by Anand about WordPress and CMS giving the brief description about WP and its Popularity. Apart from the session, the Workshop was well organized and it touched all the topics of WP! which was necessary for the Beginners.

Workshop Discussion

The session summaries the discussion of WP Beginners with an introduction about WP that it is an open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog or app. the host discussed the statics, CMS Market share, Concept of Themes/Plugins and many more.

Practical Session

All the students were working on their laptops as guided by the workshop members. The student shows the keen interest in Theme/Plugin installation, designing Post/Page. And, at last, all were able to install the WordPress, Theme, Plugin and built there basic site.

Purpose Behind Ajmer Meetups!

Now! the question comes that what’s the purpose behind organizing a meetup in Ajmer? so here’s the answer –

  • To give back to the community

  • Networking

  • Sharing and enhancing knowledge

  • Build a strong local community

Next Steps And Action Planning

At the sessions last we discussed when the next meetup should be and what else the topic for the next meetup.

some feedback for the topics were:

  • how to design a contact form.

  • how to put WordPress website Live!

 It was also decided to make a Facebook group for Ajmer WP Community where they can interact and share the knowledge about WP.

Highlights Of The Day!

Some pictures from the Workshop session

The Ajmer WP Community group on FaceBook is open to all who all are interested can join us!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/729349567406913/

WordPress 15th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary WordPress! 😀 . WordPress an open source software turned 15 years old on May 27th, 2018. All across the world, WP community members have organized a Meetup in different towns and cities to celebrate the 15th Anniversary. It is the most loving software nowadays. When we talk about Building Websites or Creating Blogs WP has made our life much easier. This was the first time when WP has celebrated the Anniversary at a very big platform. WP has given a very big platform for the developers and no wonder it is increasing so fast on the internet that 31% of the entire web is based on WordPress.

We celebrated the Anniversary at WebTechStreet it was a great celebration and well-organized party held in the office we shared our happy experience with WP. It was a moment of joy when we cut the cake in the happiness with one of our most loving software which has turned 15 years old today.

What Made The Day More Special

This celebration becomes more special as the WordPress community has sent the special 15th Anniversary Badges, Stickers and Party balloons having WP logo on it. for the venues throwing a party of the Anniversary

Thank you, WP for making this day more special!

Celebration Pictures

February Meetup – WordPress for E-commerce

Online Shopping has become a prominent shopping method ever since E-commerce websites have declared a takeover on the internet and that’s the reason why the Online stores are a booming business nowadays. So, on February 4th, 2018 a Meetup was organized at WebTechStreet hosted by Anand Entitled WordPress For E-Commerce. We were 18 attendees from both local and nearby cities. This article is to notify you about WooCommerce session discussion. The purpose of the session was to Set an online store with WooCommerce easily.

 WordPress E-commerce site with WooCommerce

WordPress has given a large platform to set up an E-commerce store with WooCommerce Plugin, with this you can convert your website to an E-commerce store. And amazingly today it powers 30% of the e-stores around the world. It involves everything from creating Products to Payment getaways and Shipping, Taxes etc. WooCommerse is the easiest way of setting an E-store just by simple steps and a good plugin. without any technical knowledge or coding stuff. The setup wizard guides you to set everything on your store. WooCommerce plugin has pre-built Pages such as Shop, Cart, and Checkout. For manual settings of the store, one can easily assert General, Taxes, Payments, and Shipping related plights.

 The calculation of tax and payments were to the point in the discussion that it is based on costumer’s shipping, billing addresses, shipping tax class and Rounding. Adding tax classes such as Inclusive and Exclusive of tax are the important aspects when it comes to managing to your store. As it determines how you input product prices later on!

It’s a great plugin for everyone who wishes to initiate a way into online business with the low-cost setup to high-end store. This is an economical way of E-commerce business! Resolving Queries Attendees asked their queries about WooCommerce and WordPress. The speaker clarifies there queries with great simplification.

The spotlight of the Meetup!

Hitendra Singh Rathore conveys the serviceable details about Facebook Instant Article which is an awesome feature provided by Facebook to monetize your content or interactive articles socially it is a powerful tool for bloggers and content publishers.

Pictures From The Session

First WordPress Meetup of Ajmer

It was the first meetup programme successfully held on 7th of January 2018 at WebTechStreet. So, we were the 10 attendees with a different background, field, and workplace who gather to do, to learn and share the things we love enthusiastically.

This introductory meetup session was hosted by Anand to accommodate a community in Ajmer so that people gather, share, and get to know about WordPress. The session was started at 3 pm by introducing ourselves and our perspectives about WP! Also, apart from the local community of Ajmer, people from nearby cities also came to attend our meetup session. It was a well organized and well-mentioned session for all of us! This tech conference covered everything about our favorite platform WordPress which has CMS Market share of about 60%. The environment of the meetup was so calm and enjoyable session of 3 and a half hour where we sit and talk freely about our different perspectives for WP.

What we’ve discussed?

Started with the introduction to WordPress, Speaker delivers the conclusive of WP along with the Statics, Formats, Plugins, and Presentation. This is an open source software which has amazing features to create Web sites, Blog or even an App. HOW COOL IS THAT!

But why MEETUP?

OKAY! Now we are introduced to WordPress and it’s user-friendly access so why we are planning to meet and organize meetup programmes? Here is the answer:

  • 558 WP meetup groups in 86 Countries.
  • 2,23,530 members.
  • 30+ groups in INDIA.
  • 3 in Rajasthan

These are the Statics of meetup groups in all over the world for the Purpose of Sharing and Enhancing Knowledge, Networking, Build a Strong Local Community and Give back to the Community.

Expenses of WordPress Management

WP allows to make you the most Efficient, Focused, and Successful website owner you can be. There are some myths also that should be cleared as soon as possible! :

  • WordPress is just a blogging platform.
  • WordPress isn’t Scalable.
  • WordPress is not Secure.
  • Managing WordPress is Difficult.
  • WordPress Plugins are unreliable.

What if language becomes the confinement?

Here comes the important feature of WP we discussed so far- LANGUAGE! because “The limits of your language mean the limits of your world”. But with WP no worries, you can create or access in your own native language. It is available in MORE than 64 languages along with many Indian languages.

What Next?

We decided our next topic for the meetup to be held on 4th February where we will discuss developing e-commerce website with WordPress (using WooCommerce). This will be a long session where we will try to cover everything from setting up WooCommerce store to finally managing orders.
Also, 30% of e-stores around the world are powered by WooCommerce!

Highlights of our First Meetup Programme!

After the meetup programme, we received swags and badges which WP had sent to us, cut the cake and had refreshment. 🙂

This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress join us!